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"Victorian Villains" Fall 2011

Guests lucky enough to reserve a ticket to this SOLD OUT original play by resident playwright James Trofatter, experienced a crash course in criminal science investigation. On this progressive performance through all three floors of the President's mansion, patrons had an up-close and personal opportunity to learn the inner workings of the criminal mind from some of the greatest nefarious villains in history like Lizzie Borden, Sweeney Todd, H.H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper.


"Murder Most Merry" Spring 2011

Patrons of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site’s “Victorian Theatre by Candlelight” spring 2011 production of "Murder Most Merry" enjoyed three one-act mysteries; “Not My Cup of Tea” by A. F. Groff, Pat Cook’s play “Pandora’s Revenge” and “An Inspector Answers” by Norman Phillip Hart. This performance was immensely popular, resulting in record breaking attendance and the addition of an eighth performance.


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 "Ghost Tales of the Witch and Famous" Fall 2010

Ghost Tales of the Witch and Famous was the most recent addition to local playwright James Trofatter's Ghost Tales series.  In this production, celebrity expert and TV host Ima Leech introduced guests to the ghosts of notable witches and influential people of the past, showing that even the affluent are not immune to the haunting phenomenon.

Over 350 people witnessed these spine tingling tales.

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"Murder and Mystery in the Mansion" Spring 2010

Spring theatre at the President’s home is presented salon-style, giving guests an intimate theatre experience.  In 2010, Victorian Theatre by Candlelight  presented  “Murder and Mystery in the Mansion”  featuring, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Speckled Band,”  “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and Lord Dunsany’s macabre story, “Two Bottles of Relish.”   A record number of guests came to enjoy these three outstanding performances.

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The Victorian Vaudeville Variety Show Cold-Blooded at Cold Spring
Cold-Blooded at Cold Spring Mystery, Murder, and Mirth!

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