Current Exhibit

Death in the White House: A Nation Mourns
at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
Special Exhibit
April 3 - December 31, 2015

Since John and Abigail Adams first entered it in 1800, the White
House has been home to familiar people who we love to call our
own. We know the first family's personalities, their quirks, the
children and grandchildren. And yet, eight presidents and three
first ladies have passed in the White House, causing us to also
share in their grief. This special exhibit spans two centuries of
the lives--and deaths--of some of the country's most beloved,
controversial and, ultimately, mourned individuals.

Currently on display as part of this exhibit is a replica of Abrahan
Lincoln's coffin, cradfted to the exact specifications of the original
by Batesville Casket Company Custom Products. The replica is one
of five made years agao by Batesville. It was modeled after the
only known photo of Lincoln's body in his coffin, a picture that
was discovered in the 1950s. Four of the five coffins travel to funeral
homes acrossthe nation for display. The fifth is part of the permanent
collection at theAbraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in
Springfield, Ill., according to Batesville.


William Henry Harrison
Letitia Tyler
Letitia Tyler
Taylor web
Zachary Taylor
AL web
Abraham Lincoln
James Garfield
Caroline Harrison
William McKinley

Ellen Wilson
Warren G. Harding

Franklin D. Roosevelt

JFK web
John F. Kennedy


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