Future Presidents of America

Future Presidents of America

A large group of young students standing around Todd Young, United States Senator from Indiana. Each subject in the photo is happily smiling. They are posed on the front porch of the benjamin harrison site.Photo of Lissania Perez, member of the Future Presidents of America Class of twenty nineteen. The picture is accompanied by a quote that reads, "My attendance at Future Presidents of America this summer has been one of the biggest highlights in my life. The inspirational speakers, the staff, and the students made future presidents of America feel like a home ad the multiple lessons I walked away with I will forever hold. The things being accomplished at F{A are remarkable and what I was taught has shaped me to be the best version of myself. As a part of the FPA alumni I can say, FPA is that thing we all need, it is the place to be."












June 29- July 3 2020

Future Presidents of America is an innovative and engaging youth leadership camp with a mission of developing individual confidence, civic literacy, and good citizenship to reveal the exceptional qualities of character that make for great presidents and leaders.

Using the American presidency as a lens, we will explore a panoramic view of issues relevant to all leaders across the ages. From our country’s heroic 18th century origins to the 23rd president and into the 21st century, this week-long camp will engage participants in the amazingly true stories of real people making real choices that impacted the lives of millions.

Limited to 20 young leaders (ages 12 to 16), this camp will focus on the qualities that make for great presidents—yesterday, today and tomorrow. All selected participants receive full scholarships ($400 value).

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Questions? Please contact VP of Education, Roger Hardig, at rhardig@bhpsite.org or call (317) 631-1888.

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Due to Candlelight Theatre we will be CLOSED for tours this Sunday, December 15, 2019. We will reopen the following day.


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