Our Staff

Our Staff


Charles A. Hyde, President & CEO, chyde@bhpsite.org

Jennifer Capps, VP of Curatorship & Exhibition, jcapps@bhpsite.org

Bethany Gosewehr, VP of Development, bgosewehr@bhpsite.org

Roger Hardig, VP of Education, rhardig@bhpsite.org

Ifeoma Akobi, Morsman Family Presidential Fellow for Advancement, iakobi@bhpsite.org

Molly Beausir, Russell and Penny Fortune Project POTUS Presidential Fellow, mbeausir@bhpsite.org

Lindsey Beckley, Special Events and Marketing Manager, lbeckley@bhpsite.org

Daniel Bennett, Director of Museum Experiences, dbennett@bhpsite.org

Carchelle Bethel, Director of Finance and Operations, cbethel@bhpsite.org

Jennifer Hodge, Gracia Johnson Floyd Presidential Fellow, jhodge@bhpsite.org

Jayne Hoffman, Weekend Supervisor

Gary Larreategui, Weekend Supervisor

Jamie Mittman, Volunteer & Relationship Coordinator, jmittman@bhpsite.org

Alexis Price, Social Media & Content Coordinator, aprice@bhpsite.org

Shanét Wallace, Special Events Coordinator, swallace@bhpsite.org

Julio Zepeda, Facilities Manager, jzepeda@bhpsite.org

Media Relations

Angela Tuell, APRPrincipal Communications Redefined / commredefined.com angela@commredefined.com / (317) 567-9126

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Between October 30 and December 13, our elevator will be out of service as we improve accessibility at the Presidential Site. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


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