Project POTUS Mission

Why 46 in 45?

Since the founding of our nation, there have been nearly half a billion American citizens. Of those, over 12,000 of us have served in Congress. Just 115 have become Supreme Court Justices. Only 45 citizens have become President of the United States. There’s something exceptional about each POTUS — good, bad, or otherwise. Project POTUS™ challenges students in grades 6-8 to research an American president and create a video, 60 seconds or less, representing the POTUS chosen in a way that is creative, supported by good history research, and fun.

Videos submitted to our national contest via the Project POTUS Judgify page will be reviewed by a qualified panel of Citizen Jurors, who will select winning submissions to receive scholarship awards. Winning projects will also be featured in a Project POTUS compilation video, 46 in 45, which will be posted in May 2022.

The inaugural contest opens for submissions on Presidents’ Day, February 21, 2022, and will close at 5pm on Tax Day, April 15, 2022. Winners and the 46 in 45 video will be posted in May 2022.

Roll the tape to start your mission, and read the Project POTUS mission briefs for further instructions.

Submit your Project

Steps to Complete your Project

  1. Watch the Project POTUS video and read the mission briefs.
  2. Research the president you’ve chosen, making sure to keep a list of your sources and find one or more primary sources that will be cited in your final video somehow. For research tips and suggestions for great history websites for presidential research, click HERE.
  3. Create your video, using good history content and lots of creativity!
  4. Review the contest rules for Project POTUS 2022 to make sure your video is eligible for awards.
  5. Submit your project HERE, via the Project POTUS Judgify page.
  6. Join the Project POTUS email list for updates, and check back for the contest results and the release of 46 in 45 in May 2022!


With any inquiries, contact Molly Beausir,
Russell and Penny Fortune Project POTUS Presidential Fellow,

Monday through Saturday 10am to 3:30pm
Sundays 12 to 3:30pm

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