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George Washington

#1 George Washington

Charlotte C. 2024 winner
John Adams

#2 John Adams

Becca R. 2024 winner
Thomas Jefferson
Spotlight Award

#3 Thomas Jefferson

Alanna C. 2024 winner
James Madison

#4 James Madison

Kailyn H. 2024 winner
James Monroe

#5 James Monroe

Awaiting 2025 Submissions - Watch our 2023 Winner, Noah B.
John Quincy Adams
Spotlight Award

#6 John Quincy Adams

Peter B. 2024 winner
Andrew Jackson

#7 Andrew Jackson

Curtis M. 2024 winner
Martin Van Buren

#8 Martin Van Buren

Lila E. 2024 winner
William Henry Harrison

#9 William Henry Harrison

Charlie P. 2024 winner
John Tyler

#10 John Tyler

Awaiting 2025 Submissions - Watch our 2023 Winner, Bennett D.
James K. Polk

#11 James K. Polk

Deuel D. 2024 winner
Zachary Taylor

#12 Zachary Taylor

Awaiting 2025 Submissions - Watch our 2023 Winner, Peter B.
Millard Fillmore

#13 Millard Fillmore

Shayen M. 2024 winner
Franklin Pierce

#14 Franklin Pierce

Erik E. 2024 winner
James Buchanan

#15 James Buchanan

Sophia K. & Sofia K. 2024 winners
Abraham Lincoln

#16 Abraham Lincoln

Christie R. 2024 winner
Andrew Johnson

#17 Andrew Johnson

Awaiting 2025 Submissions - Watch our 2023 Winner, Isiah W.
Ulysses S. Grant

#18 Ulysses S. Grant

Joyce T. 2024 winner
Rutherford B. Hayes

#19 Rutherford B. Hayes

Saul F. 2024 winner
James Garfield

#20 James Garfield

Justin W. 2024 winner
Chester A. Arthur

#21 Chester A. Arthur

Gavin S. & Evan T. 2024 winners
Grover Cleveland

#22 Grover Cleveland

Krishna U. 2024 winner
Benjamin Harrison
Spotlight Award

#23 Benjamin Harrison

Will S. 2024 winner
Grover Cleveland

#24 Grover Cleveland

Krishna U. 2024 winner
William McKinley

#25 William McKinley

Audrey E. 2024 winner
Theodore Roosevelt

#26 Theodore Roosevelt

Rohan P. 2024 winner
William Howard Taft

#27 William Howard Taft

Brayden E., Cullen N., & Landon P. 2024 winners
Woodrow Wilson

#28 Woodrow Wilson

Sylvia C. & Ryan W. 2024 winners
Warren G. Harding

#29 Warren G. Harding

Ethan B. 2024 winner
Calvin Coolidge

#30 Calvin Coolidge

Abby L. 2024 winner
Herbert Hoover

#31 Herbert Hoover

John M. 2024 winner
Franklin D. Roosevelt

#32 Franklin D. Roosevelt

Aditya B. 2024 winner
Harry S. Truman
Grand Prize Award

#33 Harry S. Truman

Logan Z. 2024 winner
Dwight D. Eisenhower

#34 Dwight D. Eisenhower

Raza H. 2024 winner
John F. Kennedy

#35 John F. Kennedy

Anaya M. 2024 winner
Lyndon B. Johnson

#36 Lyndon B. Johnson

Awaiting 2025 submissions - Watch our 2022 winner!
Richard M. Nixon

#37 Richard M. Nixon

Viraj G. 2024 winner
Gerald R. Ford

#38 Gerald R. Ford

Penelope M. & Leslie S. 2024 winner
James Carter

#39 James Carter

Sofia M. 2024 winner
Ronald Reagan

#40 Ronald Reagan

Annabel H. 2024 winner
George H. W. Bush

#41 George H. W. Bush

Henry M. 2024 winner
William J. Clinton

#42 William J. Clinton

Awaiting 2025 submissions - Watch our 2023 winner, Derek A.
George W. Bush

#43 George W. Bush

Alexandria B. 2024 winner
Barack Obama

#44 Barack Obama

Jean P. 2024 winner
Donald Trump

#45 Donald Trump

Kellan P. 2024 winner
Joseph R. Biden Jr.

#46 Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Petros B. 2024 winner


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