5 Things You’ll Learn on Our New Podcast

5 Things You'll Learn on Our New Podcast

By Alexis Price

July 2. 2020

You read that right. The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site has started a new podcast. Six Degrees of Benjamin Harrison relays stories of our 23rd president and reveals connectionsto topics like immigration, healthcare and voting rightsthat you may not know existed. You’ll hear from history aficionados like Presidential Site CEO Charles Hyde and Federal Judge Sarah Evans Barker.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn in our first few episodes:


1. We have more than 10,000 artifacts in our collection.

When you walk through the museum, 75-80 percent of what you seefrom artifacts to architecture choicesis original to the Harrison family.

2. Benjamin Harrison led our country during an epidemic. 

Learn more about the cholera outbreak of 1892, how Harrison handled it, and what connections we can make to the COVID-19 pandemic today.

3. Harrison is the 43rd tallest president.

… Or the second shortest, depending on how you want to look at it.

4. He also has a connection to Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe’s great grandfather served in Harrison’s regiment during the Civil War. In several episodes of our podcast, you’ll find unusual connections like this. Listen closely, and let us know which links you find most interesting.

5. The oath we give to new citizens today is made up of the same words adopted by Congress more than 200 years ago. 

In the fifth episode, we talk to Federal Judge Sarah Evans Barker. She offers up some history of naturalizationincluding this interesting tid-bit. For nearly two decades now, the Presidential Site has partnered with the Federal Court to welcome America’s newest citizens as they take the oath of citizenship. Roughly 2,000 American citizens have been naturalized at the Presidential Site.


Five episodes are now available on our Soundcloud page. Be sure to give us a follow, and let us know you would like to see more by giving a “like” on your favorite episodes!

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