6 Reasons You Should Check Out Croquet Roquet

6 Reasons You Should Check Out Croquet Roquet

by Alexis Price

September 27, 2018

Our annual Croquet Roquet is a week away, but it’s not too late to register! Need a little more convincing? We have six reasons why you should check out Croquet Roquet on Oct. 4.

Photograph of people playing croquet on the lawn of the Presidential Site, all dressed in white on a warm sunny day. 1. We have a two-round croquet tournament As the name of the event implies, there will in fact be croquet. The tournament is for spectators and players alike. Don’t know how to play? Don’t sweat it. Partake in lessons at the beginning of the event, or stick close to our pros who can help you out during the tournament.   Photograph of Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda cans, bathing in a pool of ice water in a light green bucket. Featured in the background are two posters showing awards such as Indianapolis's best new adult beverage of 2017. 2. We have complimentary Sun King beer, Garden Party Hard Soda and HotBox pizza Do we really need to say any more?   Photograph of people dressed in croquet white clothes, taken in the shade of a large oak tree in the side yard of the presidential home. 3. It’s an excuse to dress up So, there’s no rule that you have to dress up. But why not? Don your best white shoes and a Polo or dress, and you’ll have the chance to win a prize for best dressed!   Photograph of people dancing on the lawn of the Presidential Site. 4. It’s a different kind of date idea Among all of the fall date ideas, this might be the most unique. Croquet stands out from the apple orchards and pumpkin carving rendezvous. Show off your compatibility by participating as a team in the two-round tournament. If leisure is more your speed, take your date on a stroll down the Presidential Site’s south lawn, beer in hand—errr, we mean, hand in hand.   Photograph of a trio of males having a good time at the Presidential Site, all dressed in white, sporting sunglasses, holding drink cans, and relaxing in the shade of an oak tree in the side yard. 5. It’s super affordable It also might be one of the cheaper fall date ideas. For just $10, a team of two people can play two rounds of croquet and receive complimentary drinks and food. If you are more interested in watching, $5 will get one person in and includes food and drinks as well.   Photograph of two females and one male relaxing on the front lawn of the presidential site, in white chairs. Each subject sporting a broad smile. 6. You can win prizes and snag some pretty great deals The team with most points in the tournament will win registration to Wicket World of Croquet 2019. If you simply secure your team’s spot WWoC, we will apply your Croquet Roquet entrance fee to that ticket!

  Get your tickets now, and don’t miss out on this year’s Croquet Roquet event. We hope to see you on Thursday, Oct.4! Back to Top

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