7 Gifts for Every Person in Your Life

7 Gifts for Every Person in Your Life

by Alexis Price

December 13, 2018

This photograph features Benjamin Harrison merchandise, including a tote bag sporting an illustration of Benjamin Harrison's face, a plush of Benjamin Harrison's pet goat, Old Whiskers, and a children's book about Old Whisker's escape. Pictured in front of a holiday tree, fully decorated with ornaments and tinsel. Get this bundle Harrison tote bag, stuffed goat, and Old Whiskers Escapes! for just $40. Christmas is less than two weeks away and let’s be honest — you haven’t completed your shopping yet. (Don’t worry. We haven’t either). Maybe you live near the Presidential Site. Maybe you’re stopping by for “Twas the Night Before…” or a tour. Maybe you’re in rush to find something that doesn’t look like you picked it up from the gas station on your way to the Christmas party. Lucky for you, we have an awesome gift shop. We have compiled a one-stop shopping list for every type of person in your life — from the traveler to the hobbyist. The History Buff Photograph of several packs of knowledge cards sold at the Benjamin Harrison gift shop. Pictured from left to right: "Can you pass the citizen ship test? Quiz deck. The cover art features the famous image of uncle sam pointing at the viewer." "Women in the White House: A quiz deck of America's first ladies", featuring a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt. Lastly pictured is a red stripped book featuring a portrait of George Washington. The title reads "American Presidents, knowledge cards. National portrait gallery, smithsonian institution. An assortment of Knowledge Cards sold in the Presidential Site gift shop, $10.50. There is one thing history enthusiasts love more than sharing and showing off their knowledge — and that’s gaining more of it. Look no further than our collection of Knowledge Cards. From topics like American Presidents to Can You Pass the Citizenship Test?, these portable sets will foster your archaeophile’s affection for learning. Plus, they could fair well as an impromptu game at the holiday get-together. But let’s be honest, anything from the movies to books to collectibles in this presidential gift shop will make them happy. The Bookworm A bookshelf lined with many of the books sold at the presidential site gift shop. Featured in the image is the White House Cookbook the life of Benjamin Harrison, and several other books about the president. Several books, including Charles W. Calhoun’s “Benjamin Harrison,” are sold in the gift shop. Indy Reads Books also donated copies of the “New Federalist Papers,” $6.99. Sure, the book store down the street is great. But when you shop at the Presidential Site gift shop, you have a chance to give back to your community. The History Book Nook is filled with contributions from Indy Reads Books, a local bookstore that is part of the literacy nonprofit Indy Reads. In addition, we have books like the New Federalist Papers and biographies like Charles W. Calhoun’s Benjamin Harrison. For the young readers in your life, snag a copy of Old Whiskers Escapes! This children’s book tells the true story of the time President Benjamin Harrison’s pet goat escaped from the White House lawn. (You can also buy this book in a bundle with two other items at a discounted price. See the end of this post.) The One Who is Always on the Go A photograph featuring an tote bag sold at the presidential site gift shop, emblazoned with an artful illustration of Benjamin Harrison's face. There is text in the negative space in his beard, reading "The hoosier president". Tote bag with a sketch of President Benjamin Harrison reading, “Hoosier President,” $12. Whether this person frequently travels the world or to and from multiple jobs, our Harrison tote bag is the perfect fit. This neutral, canvas bag will show off some presidential knowledge and Hoosier roots while your wayfarer bumps from place to place. The Christmas Aficionado 2018 White House Christmas ornament sold at Presidential Site The 2018 White House Christmas ornament sold in the gift shop, $26. This person probably gives out personalized ornaments to the kids, grand kids, and great-grand kids every year. And now their personal tree is exclusively filled with decorations labeled 1953 – 2017. Help them get ready for next year by gifting the 2018 White House Christmas ornament. (There’s probably even room to personalize it, too.) The Collector Eggs painted with images of Washington D.C. Glass eggs painted with images of Washington D.C, $20. Egg decoration is an art found in ancient Chinese culture. Over time, many European kings adorned their courts with these painted baubles. You can buy these eggs already decorated with drawings of Washington D.C. or flowers by Caroline Scott Harrison. Or if you’re feeling crafty, we have a an egg decoration book that includes 70 illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. The Homemaker Sets of China sold at the Presidential Site Several pieces of China for sale in the gift shop. You can purchase a Tea for One set for just $29.95. They keep their homes tidy, and when you offer to help them clean up, they adamantly decline — not because they’re being polite, but because they have a very particular way of doing things. This person probably hosts many of your family or friend gatherings. Gift them one of our many China sets or the White House Cook Book — that way they can feel truly regal when they prepare for the next party. The One Who is Hard to Pick For Blue-green shirt with sketch of Benjamin Harrison Blue-green shirt with drawing of Benjamin Harrison, $26. There is always that one person. They either never provide a Christmas list, or they’re extremely picky. Or maybe they are just so easy to please you don’t know how to personalize it. Grab an illustrated Benjamin Harrison t-shirt. Because who would say no to a shirt? The gift shop is located in our Welcome Center. Visit the Presidential Site or contact Director of Operations, Margaret Sallee, at (317) 631-1888 or msallee@bhpsite.org to purchase the perfect gift. We are open Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., and Sunday 12 – 3:30 p.m. Please visit our website for special closings. Share your favorite finds with us on social media using the hashtag #PresHarrisonGifts. Back to Top    

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