Give the Vision 2022: Bousum Family Fun at the Presidential Site

Give the Vision 2022: Bousum Family Fun at the Presidential Site

By Ifeoma Akobi

September 27, 2022

From information tours to the Juneteenth Foodways Festival, learn more about some of the Bousum family’s highlights from visiting the Presidential Site.

Q: We would like to know you more. Please tell us a bit about you.

A: Zane and I (Rachel) have three children: Josiah (16), Audrey (13), and Michaela (9). We are former high school educators. We are now pastors of Spirit of Life Church on the westside of Indianapolis.

Q: How did you hear about the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site?

A: We were introduced to the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site by Ifeoma Akobi, who is a member of our church.

Q: Please share your tour experience at the Presidential Site with us.

A: We toured the Presidential site in April as a family. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and clearly had a passion for sharing the history of the site and of President Benjamin Harrison. All of our kids were engaged. The tour was very interesting and informative.

Q: What were some of your highlights?

A: Seeing a handwritten and signed letter from Helen Keller was very memorable. It was interesting to find out how innovative and on the cutting-edge of technology President Harrison was in his era, such as having electricity installed in his own home and being the president to put it in the White House. The kitchen of Dolly Johnson was also impressive.

Q: Have you attended other events at the Presidential Site?

A: Yes, we attended the Juneteenth Foodways Festival.

Q: What was your experience?

A: We enjoyed it very much. The vendors had a great variety of products and foods. Our two favorites were Groove Candles and Taste Buddies.

Q: Would you recommend the tour and our events to your friends and family?

A: Absolutely!

Q: What do you think about GIVE THE VISION 2022?

A: Legacy is important and needs to be passed on to future generations. Benjamin Harrison seemed to value education and innovation. It’s wonderful to have a vision and hope of continuing that passion in the youths and adults of Indianapolis.

This interview is part of our 2022 Giving Tuesday campaign. Kindly show your support for the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site and the many valuable experiences it offers by GIVING A GIFT TODAY. Make your contribution known on social media by tagging the Presidential or using #GiveTheVision.

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