Q&A with Indy Do Day Co-Chair Jenny Dexter

Q&A with Indy Do Day Co-Chair Jenny Dexter

by Alexis Price

September 24, 2018

From September 27 to 29, Indianapolis residents will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Indy Do Day. This year, about 30,000 Indianapolis residents can get to know their neighbors and volunteer throughout the city — and it’s not too late to sign up for the fun.

Photograph of volunteers at the Presidential Site for Indy Do Day. There are sixteen people posing for a photo outside of the welcome center. Several people in the photo are holding cleaning utensils such as brooms and hedge trimmers.

Jenny Dexter, Indy Do Day co-chair and director of business development at Matchbook Creative, volunteered with the Presidential Site last year. She and her team will continue that tradition this year as we take on the Great Talbott Street Clean-Up. We spoke with Jenny last week to ask about her experience with the project.  

Q: What inspired you to take on the Indy Do Day co-chair position?

A: The opportunity to work closely with so many organizations, businesses and schools to call Indianapolis the most civically engaged community in the nation.

Q: Last year you volunteered with the Presidential Site. Can you describe what that experience was like?

A: I really appreciated that your team put together opportunities to work 1-2 hours and 3-4 hours depending upon each volunteer’s time constraints. That was helpful to me as I moved around to visit many of the Indy Do Day projects that day. The Presidential Site’s project was well organized and fun. It was set up so that my team and I could work well together. Your staff was welcoming and helpful. The post-event communication was great. My team had such a great experience that we’re back again this year.

Q: What do you hope to see this year?

A: The Presidential Site is surrounded by small businesses, apartments, single-family homes and non-profit organizations. I’d love to see representatives from each one of those segments participating in your project.

Q: How would you describe Indy Do Day in three words?

A: Macro civic engagement

Q: Why would you encourage people to participate in Indy Do Day?

A: There is a direct correlation between philanthropy and being happy. Giving back immediately positively affects our community, our relationships with others and ourselves. The impact of accomplishing these things with over 30,000 other volunteers during the course of Indy Do Day’s three days of service cannot be denied. I would encourage everyone to go out and be happy with 30,000 of your closest friends!  


Register now to help with the Great Talbott Street Clean-Up. We hope to make the street a safe, and welcoming space for the neighbors and more than 19,000 kids who will visit the Presidential Site this year. Be sure to share your Indy Do Day experiences on social media using the hashtags #indydoday, #idd2018, and #letsdothis. Back to Top


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