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The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site strives to be a resource for prospective and new Citizens. For 25+ years, we have been proud to host an annual Naturalization ceremony in partnership with the Federal Courts.

Information about Citizenship classes at the Presidential Site will be posted on this page as it becomes available. Classes will prepare applicants for the 100 question USCIS Civics Exam. Follow the link below to see the exam questions.

For students: The Citizenship Challenge

Passing the Civics exam is required for new citizens. How well do you know your civics and American History? The exam requires the 100 questions & answers to be at varied intervals written, spoken aloud, or read by prospective citizens.

Per a 2021 Indiana law, all high school students must learn the material on the Civics exam during their senior year. To download materials for a high school program combining primary source material with the questions from the Civics test, register for our free online Canvas hub for free classroom materials HERE.

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